Manfred performs in a fully aerobatic sailplane. The spectators delight in the change in pace and contrast to the other acts his elegant performances bring.

A top professional performer, he has thrilled spectators in North America with his day and night acts for more than twenty years. He has also entertained the crowds at air shows in Australia and Mexico.

In contrast to most acts, Manfred's main act THE ULTIMATE is graceful and elegant. And the grand finale, the Inverted Ribbon Cut, is spectacular. This is not just another act, it's Variety at its Best.

In his bestseller THE CANNIBAL QUEEN Stephen Coonts wrote about Manfred’s performance:

“..., and we were treated to the most spectacular flying exhibition I have ever witnessed.

He spun, he looped, he did vertical 8s, he did every aerobatic maneuver I know about as the loudspeaker system played classical music. No engine noise, just classical music and the sailplane soaring against the blue vault of heaven.

..The silent crowd watched, mesmerized.

..His mastery of his craft was total, his exhibition a tour de force.”

And, especially for the kids, Manfred does THE FAN MAN.
The kids love this propeller driven bicycle clown act.