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The Sailplane


Aircraft Type: Sailplane (also called glider)

Model: H 101 Salto

Registration No.: C-GJND

Manufacturer: start + flug GmbH, Germany

Construction: Fiberglass

Colour: White with orange trim

Seats: One

Use: Fully aerobatic; soaring

Wing span: 44 feet 7 inches (13.6 meter)

Best glide ratio: 33 : 1

Aspect ratio: 21.6 : 1

Red Line Speed (Vne): 175 mph (151 kts or 280 kph)


Limit load factor: + 7G, - 5G

The Salto is a fully aerobatic, highly maneuverable sailplane which is also suited for extended soaring flights. Very elegant in appearance, its distinctive features are a Vee tail, trailing edge dive brakes and a drogue chute. For daytime performances the Salto is equipped with a wing tip smoke system. Another wing tip system is designed to display special effects during night performances.

Photo Credit:
Eric Dumigan

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