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An email received on October 30, 2016:


Dear Sir:

My friends and I enjoyed your performance at the NAS Patuxent River 2016 air expo yesterday. It was really interesting, and your performance also had the best music of the show. There was no narration so we were able to just watch it as a work of art. Thank you!  We were curious though, is Manfred Radius a stage name chosen since you turn so many circles in the air?




An e-mail received on November 4, 2014:


Mr. Radius,

I just wanted to let you know that I consider your performance at the Fort Worth Alliance Airshow to be true artistry in the air and one of the best acts at the show! I felt compelled to write to you as I listen to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21.

Most people are awed by the high performance, high speed acts, and not to take anything away from them, however that is a function of the aircraft.

The weather that day was perfect for your performance with clear blue skies and light winds. The graceful maneuvers were beautiful and the music was perfect. Your skill and timing was inspiring to me.

Thank you for a great performance.



David Cruz

Chief Flight Instructor

US Aviation Academy



An excerpt from EAA’s Bits and Pieces Newsletter – September 2014 by Ian Brown, Editor:

The paragraph in Ian Brown’s article about the Eastern Townships Airshow in Bromont, QC on August 16 & 17, 2014:


I have to say that an air show at a smaller venue has its benefits. Not only did I meet Carol, but I also shook hands with one of my aviation idols, Manfred Radius, Ontario-based glider pilot genius of air shows. Watching his wingtip smoke starting around 4,000 feet and listening to his beautiful calm soundtrack was a real contrast to, well, all the noise, I guess. In fact, audience members seemed to have become so conditioned to turning their heads upon hearing a roaring engine that they didn’t notice when the announcer told us that Manfred had released from his towplane. But pretty soon everyone was mesmerised. At the end of the day it was interesting to watch Manfred taking care of wrapping up his “baby”. Note the “Aviators” hat he’s wearing; Manfred appeared on an episode of that TV show and taught the show’s producer and host Anthony Nalli the basics of looping a glider. Manfred mentioned that not everyone has the stomach for it, if you get my drift! He also mentioned he’s a reader of our newsletter, so hi, Manfred.



An email received on April 27, 2009:


Hi my name is Shanda Furman and I just wanted to tell you that your performance was amazing!!! My Son is still talking about it. I just wanted to say Thank you for taking the time to talk to and take a picture with him. May you make many more memorable experiences for the kids. Have a wonderful day.


Shanda Furman



An e-mail received on April 5, 2005:


Dear Manfred,

 A while back I had the chance to see a couple of your performances when you were out here in Colorado.

 I was very taken!

 I have been to quite a few air shows as either a spectator, connected with an exhibit, or as part of the staff; and your act with the glider REALLY stands out as one of the best!

The combination of the music, the graceful lines drawn by the glider with its smoke, and the contrast to the other acts which become hard to distinguish from one another, all stand out favorably in my memory.

Thanks for the opportunity to witness grace in the sky.



Nick Gurin

Colorado Springs, Colorado



An e-mail received on December 2, 2005:


Mr. Radius,

I was a spectator at the Sheppard airshow.  Just wanted to let you know that

I thought your portion of the show was amazing.  Certainly my favorite.

Thanks for coming.


Steve Smith

Burkburnett, TX



An e-mail received on July 31, 2002 from Vernon Muche:


Thank you, thank you thank you!!  I was at Oshkosh on 7/26 and saw your
performance - it was awesome; so graceful, so peaceful, a total feeling of
freedom and relaxing.

My jaw just dropped with your finale.  It reminded me of seeing Bob Hoover's
finale in the Aero Commander with his demonstration of "Inertial
Management," you rang everything out of it to the maximum.

You could not have picked a better piece of music for your performance.  The
two of you worked so well together.  I'm trying to remember the name of the
music, but it escapes me.  Could you help me out there please.

Best wishes in the future and keep on thrilling them!!
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.



 US Aviator magazine, January 1995:


.......He is absolutely incredible; a truly phenomenal presence in the airshow biz. Very highly recommended.



Stephen Coonts in his bestseller The Cannibal Queen:


......, and we were treated to the most spectacular flying exhibition I have ever witnessed.

He spun, he looped, he did vertical 8s, he did every aerobatic maneuver I know about as the loudspeaker system played classical music. No engine noise, just classical music and the sailplane soaring against the blue vault of heaven.

.......The silent crowd watched, mesmerized.

.......His mastery of his craft was total, his exhibition a tour de force.



Air show producer Tom Southern's letter of July 17, 2000 to Manfred: 


Dear Manfred,   

I wish that I had words to express my gratitude for your doing the Great Texas Balloon Race adequately. Your performances during the air show and at night were truly spectacular. The night show was a great way to cap off the balloon glow. The OOOOHs and AAAAAHs of the audience during the performance and the applause they gave you after the performance really showed the audience loved the performance.

 I have to say that the "Ultimate" is truly that. The inverted ribbon cut was a great way to end the air show and had the effect on the audience that I knew it would.

 I really appreciate your truly professional attitude and detailed briefings before the show. That helped all of us give you what you needed to make your performance not only successful but also safe. 

Feel free to use me as a reference. I'll be happy to tell any air show producer that he is crazy not to use you in his next air show. Your act is the special touch most air show producers are looking for and if they saw your act one time, they would put you in their show without question. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together during this show. I wish it had been cooler.  



T. M. Southern      



Michael Small about Manfred's 1997 night performance near Melbourne, Australia:


.......Those minutes of absolute aerobatic and visual magic, Manfred will remain, I am sure the most memorable I have experienced at any Air Show in my life! I, like the thousands of others whom you delighted and enthralled that night, stood in silence, captivated by the spectacle of a craftsman and choreographer, giving us all an image in our minds to treasure. My son exclaimed "Wasn't that just fantastic!"                   



An email received on January 25, 2012:

Hello Manfred
I live in France and I saw your performance at Sun'n'Fun in Lakeland
last year ... I was completely amazed !
I'm an aircraft private pilot and I always considered that glider
aerobatics was the Purest way to fly ...
But I was surprised to discover your night act, and it was more and
more powerful ! It really touched me and when some problems come back,
I think about things like your act and it brings my smile back ...

I found only today your website, so it was obvious to me I had to send
you an email to say you how it touched me ...

I hope I'll have the chance to see your performance again !

Kind regards,
Julien ROBIN


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