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Manfred's award-winning day sailplane act

THE ULTIMATE has been enjoyed by many spectators as the highlight of air shows in North America, Australia and Mexico. This sailplane act is elegant, graceful and spectacular. This quiet act, accompanied by beautiful classical music, is in stark contrast to the noisy performances of the power planes. The spectators delight in the change of pace and variety this sailplane performance brings.


Manfred was awarded an 'Excellence in Performance Award' for this act in 1989.


In his bestseller 'The Cannibal Queen', Stephen Coonts describes Manfred's performance, quote:' ......and we were treated to the most spectacular flying exhibition I have ever witnessed. .....The silent crowd watched, mesmerized. .....His mastery of his craft was total, his exhibition a tour de force.'

With THE ULTIMATE Manfred demonstrates the capabilities of his fully aerobatic sailplane. This unique act contains maneuvers performed only by Manfred with a glider at air shows. Narration from the cockpit, wing-tip smoke and beautiful classical music enhance the effect of this exceptional act.

Photo Credits:
Ty Greenlees

Eric Dumigan

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