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Manfred performs his day and night acts in a fully aerobatic sailplane. The spectators delight in the change in pace and contrast to the other acts his graceful and elegant performances bring.

2016 Recipient of the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship

2015 Inductee into the Sun 'n Fun Flight Path of Fame

The Sailplane

The Salto is a fully aerobatic, highly maneuverable sailplane which is also suited for extended soaring flights. Very elegant in appearance, its distinctive features are a Vee tail, trailing edge dive brakes and a drogue chute.

The Acts

Manfred's award-winning day sailplane act. 

An exquisite sailplane night act.


About Manfred

Manfred Radius is a top professional air show performer who ushered in a new era in sailplane demonstrations. He has the distinction of having introduced world championship-level sailplane performances to air shows in North America. 

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